NDVI SPOT/Pléiades

Calculates NDVI on pan-sharpened imagery from SPOT/Pléiades Download.


Normalized Difference Vegatation Index (NDVI) which is an indicator for vegetation health and biomass. The standard formula for NDVI is computed by NDVI = {NIR - Red} / {NIR + Red}.

Note: Only images from the Pléiades DIMAP download block or SPOT DIMAP download block can currently be used because their output includes a NIR band. Either the Data Format and Type Conversion block or the Pan-sharpening block needs to be used before to convert images into the GeoTIFF format.

General InformationDescription
Block TypeProcessing (data preparation)
Supported Input TypesGeoTIFF (AOI-Clipped)
Output FormatGeoTIFF (AOI-Clipped)
Resolutionidentical to the input

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