Burnt Area Extraction

Burnt Area Extraction by temporal analysis for forest fires. The block takes two images(pre-event and post-event) and extracts burnt patches. Supported Satellites : Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8


With this Burnt Area Extraction block, users can directly create georeferenced binary output for analyzing the extent burn areas. It uses Short Wave Infra Red for area classification and learns the patterns to create an accurate vector layer in the last step.

Apart from causing tragic loss of lives and valuable natural and individual properties including thousands of hectares of forest and hundreds of houses, forest fires are a great menace to ecologically healthy grown forests and protection of the environment. Every year, thousands of forest fires across the globe cause disasters beyond measure and description.

Note: This block only works on data blocks that have the SWIR band included. These are currently Landsat-8 (Sentinel Hub) and the Sentinel-2 L1C MSI Full Scenes block (Sobloo).

General InformationDescription
Block TypeProcessing
Supported sensorsSentinel-2, Landsat-8
Supported Input
Resolutionidentical to input

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