Weather / Ocean Data and Forecasts

Provides historic, current, and forecast weather data globally.


Weather / Ocean Data and Forecasts provides access to a REST-style API to retrieve historic, current, and forecast data globally.

Meteomatics provides high quality weather data in a spatial resolution up to 90m. All data are available worldwide and they are based on the best numerical models, enhanced by downscaling methods and station calibration methodology.

The Meteomatics API provides a huge variety of climate variables and options. By default, temperatures (Celsius, 2m spatial resolution), accumulated precipitation (millimeters, every 5 minutes) and instantaneous wind speed (100 m) is pre-set in Job Configuration for this block. All model data and observational data are available as time series in NetCDF format. For a specific variable, the name can be added to the default variables list according to the documentation provided by Meteomatics.

In this block version, the following basic weather parameters are supported:

  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Precipitation
  • In addition, any parameter from Basic Weather Parameters can be passed in the query. The full list of available parameters from Meteomatics can be found here.

This block requires bbox to define the AOI. All scenes will be returned that intersect with this box.

Please note: A data point is equivalent to 1 grid point in 1 time step. The block price is independent of the number of requested weather parameters, but depends on the AOI size and time steps (default: 6 hours). The resolution is automatically chosen based on the AOI size.

General InformationDescription
Data TypeWeather data
ResolutionIn arcseconds. Depending on the AOI size.
Output formatNetCDF format (

More information

Please see the block's documentation to learn more about sample queries.


Input Capabilities

No input capabilities

Output Capabilities


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