Sentinel-5P Full Scenes

Provides Sentinel-5P Full Scenes data in NetCDF format.


Sentinel-5P Full Scenes provides full scenes of all Sentinel-5 Precursor products in the original NetCDF data format (20 products). The Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission measures e.g. Ozone, NO_2, SO_2, Formaldehyde, Aerosol, Carbonmonoxide, Methane, Clouds to support applications and research in the fields of climate, air quality and ozone. The data product can be specified by setting the 'imagery_layer' parameter in the block configuration.

Technical information

L2__AER_AIUV Aerosol Index
L2__CLOUD_Cloud fraction, albedo, top pressure
L2__CO____Carbon Monoxide (CO) total column
L2__NO2___Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), total and tropospheric columns
L2__O3____Ozone (O3) total column
L2__SO2___Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) total column
L2__HCHO__Formaldehyde (HCHO) total column
L2__CH4___Methane (CH4) total column
L2__AER_LHAerosol Layer Height (mid-level pressure)
L1B_RA_BD1UV, 270 - 300nm, Radiance product band 1
L1B_RA_BD2UV, 300 - 320nm, Radiance product band 2
L1B_RA_BD3UVIS, 320 - 405nm, Radiance product band 3
L1B_RA_BD4UVIS, 405 - 500nm, Radiance product band 4
L1B_RA_BD5NIR, 675 - 725nm, Radiance product band 5
L1B_RA_BD6NIR, 725 - 775nm, Radiance product band 6
L1B_RA_BD7SWIR, 2305-2345nm, Radiance product band 7
L1B_RA_BD8SWIR, 2345-2385nm, Radiance product band 8
L2__NP_BD3Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 3
L2__NP_BD6Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 6
L2__NP_BD7Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 7

More information

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