AIS Historical Vessel Positions

Provides historical AIS data points via the exactEarth HVP API.


Historical Vessel Positions delivers historical ship information related to voyage and static data including positions, destinations, ETA, draught, etc.

The exactAIS Archive gives customers access to the most expansive Satellite AIS historical data through a pre-packaged and customized service that dates back to July 2010.

Using exactAIS Archive you can easily do the following:

  • Analyse the most complete record of vessel movements on a global scale
  • Reduce risk and plan safest routes based on vessel traffic patterns and seasonal changes
  • Analyse vessel behaviour patterns for the potential prosecution of illegal actions e.g. illegal ballast water exchange, marine protected area encroachment

The Archive provides critical historical data for performing analysis into shipping traffic and trend patterns as well as long-term vessel tracking all across the globe. In addition, exactEarth also has pre-packaged data sets for analysis into the remote Arctic region.

Dataset Availability & Refresh

Global coverage, the historical AIS data points are updated in near real-time since 2011 - present.

Use Cases

There are many use-cases for gaining access to the historical ship information. Users wanting to identify ships found in satellite optical or radar imagery can use the historical positions, ship details, along with date/time information to correlate objects within satellite imagery to the identification of a ship. This type of correlation is often used by defence, security, fishing, or border protection agencies to identify 'dark' targets that may not be in compliance with standard operational guidelines.

Block Restrictions

User authorization is required to be able to use the data. Click the "Request access" button in order to submit a data access request. The usage of this block is restricted to internal usage, and users from the following categories are excluded: US Government, China, Japan, and companies linked to Commodity Trading.

Volume Discounts

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